Botanica Conference Slovenia

<span>Date:</span> May 22, 2020 - May 24, 2020
<span>Time:</span> 12:00 am

Seed SistAs talking at Botanica Conference

Sustainability in Herbal Healthcare-  Community Medicine gardens

 We believe that herbalism is the ‘peoples’ medicine’ and as medical herbalists have always grown or collected herbs from our local environments over imported plants to create our remedies with.  We have seen that through education about the plants we harvest locally and use in our medicines, a shift is achieved and reconnection with our beautiful plants and planet often ensues. That’s how we will be able to build a whole new system of healing relevant to today. One, that builds on knowledge from the past and supports the movement away from the corporate power structure that medicine has become.

For the last 2 decades we have been planting and inspiring others to co-create community medicine gardens, our intention and dream is to see one in every community. All of our students must plant an educational medicine garden, with open access for all, to be able to quality from our course as this eco-activism is a core part of Sensory Herbalism.

Our extensive work in various different areas, working with groups and teaching plant medicine has taught us that the most pertinent points are a connection to the plants themselves, respect for the internal and external environments and a deeper understanding about plant consciousness.   

In this current world people are seeking out herbal diversity and hedgerow medicines, there is growing interest in our craft, we need to ensure there is access to information, knowledge and to the plants themselves. Having a central place to grow sustainably and use as an education base is pivotal in creating health for people and plants.

In this talk we will be exploring some of the pitfalls we have faced and the creative ways we have approached furthering access to herbal medicine, focusing on our project ‘a medicine garden in every community’.