School of Psychic Studies

<span>Date:</span> July 7, 2019
<span>Time:</span> 10:00 am  to  5:00 pm

Goddess Artemis – Mugwort for Psychic Enhancement

Come and explore the world of Sensory Herbalism through the mythical plant Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) named after the Greek goddess of the Moon Artemis.

In this workshop we shall be meeting the plant through our sensory techniques; accessing innate intuitive knowledge through the senses, experiencing the magical quality of elemental medicine and investigating the power of conscious examination.

Mugwort is a powerful plant ally, aiding with tapping into intuition, accessing the dream state and helping to vision for the future.

We will learn about the medicine of Mugwort in the three forms of physical, emotional and energetic and learn how these three principles overlap. We will layer up the understanding of how physical symptomology can be an indicator to the more subtle emotional patterns in the body.

We will look at how our own senses can guide us to a deeper understanding of plant medicine. We will be using skills of observation to draw the plant part and gain better understanding of her complexity through the way she grows. We will learn how processing the dried herb can also give us clues as to its medicine. We will have the option to taste or smell the complex flavours and sense how our emotional body shifts on imbibing the herb. We will delve deeply into her magic and medicine.

We will be working with oracle reading with plant material and amulet making and journeying into a guided meditation with Mugwort.

This will be a practical, fun, absorbing day.

It would be super useful for you to keep a dream diary for one week prior to this workshop and bring any notes with you.

Needed for the day pens, pencils, colours, a note book and an open heart.

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