Liver Cleanse


Our Liver Cleanse Digestive Delight is tailored for a Rebalancing action for the digestive system.

Made from: tinctures of angelica, lavender, barberry, meadowsweet, rosemary and wormwood

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This is a warming blend of digestive herbs, which means it will promote good digestion and reduce bloating. The bitter herbs will help to reset a digestive system that has entered into an uncomfortable, sluggish cycle. Sluggishness and bloating or food being passed too quickly, can lead to inadequate absorption of minerals and vitamins from food. This means that minerals are hard to absorb into the bloodstream no matter how healthy your diet! This remedy will promote healing of the membranes through which the minerals are absorbed. However, finding the best diet to suit your needs and constitution is important. It may be necessary to cut out some foods temporarily and add in where minerals are lacking while healing occurs in the digestive system. Please get in touch for more advice. The digestive system is inextricably linked with the nervous system so we’ve got this covered in here too. Rosemary is a lovely anti-anxiety herb and protects the liver. This remedy shouldn’t be taken for more than 6 weeks without a break.