Sleep Mix


So many people are suffering with Sleep issues at the moment the extended light. Longer evenings sometimes overstimulate, leaving a busy mind when it comes to rest time.

We have blended together 5 local medicinal herbs, with relaxing and gently sedating actions, the lemon balm is sedating but uplifting in its nature so no groggy feelings, the lime blossoms are strongly anti-anxiety, feelings of worry often impair sleep, the oats full of nourishing B vitamins are super healing for any damaged nerves. Oats can help restore the myelin sheath that surrounds our nerves. Skullcap, famous for literally putting a ‘lid on unwanted, stressful thoughts’ and the wild lettuce, a mild opiate, extremely calming and sleep inducing……


This sweet, gently sedating mix helps calm the nerves and relax the senses.

Uplifting for the spirits but calming for the nerves, this lovely blend will help you drift off into a blissful sleep. Difficulty sleeping can be caused by a number of factors.  Over excitability of the nervous system is one which occurs during stressful times or due to a prolonged anxious state and can lead to exhaustion.

Although oats help to nourish a nervous system that is becoming exhausted, if things persist you should get in touch and we can try to help. It is recommended that tea and coffee are largely cut out of the diet whilst trying this product.

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