Super Hero Green Herbs


The Super Hero Greens can be added to smoothies, or just a little hot water and drunk down daily for a super mineral herbal boost. Utilising the medicine of the Super Hero Greens is a great to get the system moving, improve energy and encourage eating more consciously.In herbal therapeutics we think about supporting all of the body’s systems to bring balance and harmony to any blend. We’ve used herbs that have been shown to support the immune system such as Reishi, Rosehip and Turmeric. Herbs to support the liver like Milk Thistle , Globe Artichoke, and nutritional power houses like Kelp, Bilberry, Nettle and Barley Grass.


hawthorn berries, milk thistle seeds, turmeric, kelp, alfalfa, rosehip, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, barley grass & artichoke