COURSE Support

We recommend using Chrome browser on a Laptop or Desktop computer for the course, even though it will work on mobile and ipads.

When you login, you are automatically redirected to the course. Here is the login link - use your email address as your username:

If you cannot login, then open some of the other answers below on this page.

Use your email address as your username.

Use this link to login:

You can just use your email address as your username. 

Here is the link if you would like to reset your password at any time:

Please watch this video showing you how to navigate the course area:

At the end of each lesson there is a button labelled "Mark Complete". If all the lessons from each day are completed, then you will be able to progress to the next day if it is available.

Yes, just press play on the video and then use the "box" button on the far right hand side of the video bar.

On a mobile phone, rotate the phone sideways (wide) and then find the video that you want to watch. Then press play on the video and then use the "box" button on the far right hand side of the video bar. This will make the video play full screen, even whilst the phone is held sideways. Alternatively, try logging in on a laptop, desktop or ipad.

The live webinar Questions and Answers session is at 7:30pm BST on Tuesday 4th August 2020. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before it starts, so that you can check your system works for sound and video. We strongly recommend that you submit your webinar questions before the event, however, you can also ask them during the event.

After you have registered for the webinar, we will send you your unique personal link by email. Please do not share that link as it can only be used by one person. You can watch the webinar on your laptop, desktop or ipad.

If you cannot make the live webinar on 3rd August, there will be a recording made available on 4th August in the section "Day 8" of the course.

The course materials will be available for 21 days from the start of the course.

The course area will work with most devices including ipads, tablets, laptops, smartphones, iphones, and desktop computers. If it is not working on any specific device, please try a different web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera etc), or a different device.

Please make sure you are logged in and use this link. If you cannot get access to this link, and are certain that you purchased the Solstice Peace Bundle Upgrade, please contact the tech support team on the form below: