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We believe that our local surroundings contain all we need for a medicinal cabinet, therefore us Seed SistAs cultivate, harvest and create beautiful quality remedies from plants in our native, wild habitats that are not at risk of becoming endangered. These are harvested in harmony with our planet’s sun and lunar cycles in an ecologically sensitive way.


The products we feature in our shop are all potions that will connect you to plant medicines in a magical and supportive way.

Sensory Drops Range

These Sensory drops have been developed over the past two decades through using our own knowledge and intuitive experiences with plants to create specific blends. We took the drops ourselves and road tested them with hundreds of people, listened to their responses and recorded our results. Using tiny, energetic Sensory doses of plants can have powerful effects by stimulating the subtle energy patterns of the body, mind, and spirit. They affect the innate responses to encourage physical and emotional balance. Therefore, with our own range of delightful Sensory Drops small dosages are taken with amazing results.

Heart & Soul Products



Sensory Teas are all created seasonally mainly from the herbs we grow in our gardens and harvest from our local land thus the recipes are subject to morphing ingredients – always balanced.

Ointments & Balms



Sacred Smoking & Protection from Blood Suckers


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